Config Tools for i.MX v11 Now Available

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Config Tools for i.MX v11 Now Available

NXP Employee
NXP Employee
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The Config Tools for i.MX is a set of configuration tools that provide an efficient method
for evaluation and configuration of pins routing and DDR memory settings when designing
with NXP's application processors based on Arm® Cortex®-A cores, including i.MX MPUs.


The following tools are currently available:

DDR Tool

DDR Configuration and Validation tool allows you to create a configuration for the DDR component
and to validate the DDR configuration using various validation scenarios

  • Support for iMX8M, iMX8MM, iMX8MN, iMX8MP and LX2160A
  • DDR configuration UI using the tokenized RPA tool
  • PHY initialization using dynamic library
  • Import the output of the RPA tool will bypass UI configuration
  • Support for multiple PHY firmware version including fw2020.06
  • Diagnostic fw2020.06
  • DDR PHY support for DDR3, DDR4, and LPDDR4
  • Cell color code
  • Basic/Advanced user mode
  • DDR controller Registers View support
  • Auto-detect of available COM ports
  • USB target connection
  • Basic validation tests support (Write-Read-Compare, Walking Ones, Walking Zeros)
  • DQ ODT and driver strength test
  • vTSA (Virtual Timing Signal Analysis) support - RX data eye, TX data eye
  • Stress tests support
  • Export vTSA results in JPEG format
  • Static Code generation in Uboot style
  • Command line posibility

PBL Tool

PBL tool helps you create and modify pre-boot initialization data used for configuring LX2 devices.

  • Support for LX2160A
  • Configure reset configuration word (RCW), which is 1024 bits of information
  • Optional configure pre-boot initialization (PBI) command sequence
  • Allow user to have full access to configuration by using Skip error checking and Display all fields
  • Option to directly modify the configuration from RCW registers
  • Import different formats of input
  • Generate different types of output, including a binary file

SerDes Tool

The SerDes tool allows you to configure the SerDes block and provides you with a GUI application to validate the configuration

  • Support for LX2160A
  • UI for SerDes blocks configuration
  • Per lane tests
  • Bist, Power Transmitter/Receiver, Reset Transmitter/Receiver tests
  • Jitter scope, Pattern Independent Jitter scope, Start/Stop Tx Patter generation tests
  • Read a configuration from the target

Pins Tool

The Pins Tool is used for pin routing configuration, validation and code generation, including pin
functional/electrical properties, power rails, run-time configurations.

  • Desktop application
  • Muxing and pin configuration with consistency checking
  • Multicore support
  • Localized for English and Simplified Chinese
  • Mostly Connected: On-Demand device data download
  • Integrates with any compiler and IDE
  • Supports English and Chinese (simplified) languages, based on locale settings. Please refer to user manual for details.
  • ANSI-C initialization code
  • Graphical processor package view
  • Multiple configuration blocks/functions
  • Easy-to-use device configuration
    • Selection of Pins and Peripherals
    • Package with IP blocks
    • Routed pins with electrical characteristics
    • Registers with configured and reset values
    • Power Groups with assigned voltage levels
    • Source code for C/C++ applications
  • Documented and easy to understand source code
  • CSV Report and Device Tree File

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Whats new in v11

  • The product is based on Eclipse 2021-06
  • Updated Open JDK 11
  • Remove Nashorn engine warning from logs
  • Pins tool
    • Support for LX2160A
    • Added Full pins initialization option in Functional group properties
    • Added De-initialization function option in Functional group properties
    • Pins view and routing dialogs are now using labels in the format "Peripheral:signal,channel"
  • DDR tool
    • Support for iMX8M-nano UL support with DDR3
    • Support for LX2160A
    • Cell color code
    • Report to summarize the DDR configuration (mex file plus ds file)
  • PBL tool
    • The pre-boot loader (PBL) tool is added in Config tools for i.MX
    • Support for LX2160A
  • SerDes tool
    • The SerDes tool is added in Config tools for i.MX
    • Support for LX2160A