details required for PC9S08SG8MTJ

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details required for PC9S08SG8MTJ

Contributor I
I gone thru the new device PC9S08SG8MTJ in website.
I could not find complete data sheet in website. I would like to know the max. current consumption at power down mode and at various different temperatures. 
Also i would like to know the pricing of PC9S08SG8MTJ for 1000qty .
My requirement  is that to run the timer during keyoff condition and send the elapsed time  to main  device during key ON condition via SPI based on the command from main device.The timer shall use internal clock source with accuracy  of +/-5%.
Is this deice suitable for this application or any other device is available?
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Senior Contributor II
Hello Sudha,
The SG8 datasheet is Preliminary information only. It is called Advance Information.
This device is under development and therefore does not have a proper datasheet attached to it.
I'll mention to Marketing, but I doubt they attach it to the product page as this is only preliminary information.
Datasheet are attached to product pages when products are available.
For sample requests, I believe your Company has a dedicated Freescale Field Applications Engineers (FAE).
Please go through him. He/She will ask for availability and help you during your design.
If you don't know your Company's FAE, send me a Private Message with your contact details and I will pass them onto him/her.
8-Bit Automotive Product Selection Map  
This roadmap indicates sample availibity in Q2, but the FAE is definitely the person to talk to.
Kind Regards,

For readers: PC part numbers indicates Non Qualified devices. This SG8 is an Automotive part and you can get its information from --> 8-bit -> 8-bit Automotive --> S08 -> SG8 Family.

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Senior Contributor IV
Seems to be well hidden. I didn't find it at the actual page for the mcu as usual/expected, but at this page:

Click on data sheet.

Why it is only found there, nobody knows.
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