Where can I find a programmer for the MC68HC11F1

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Where can I find a programmer for the MC68HC11F1

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I have a board that has this microcontroller and we need to change the software on the microcontrollers EEPROM. Are there any programmers for this microcontroller available on the market right now? Sorry if I am posting this in the wrong area, because I couldn't find a community page for discontinued devices.

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Possibly the easiest and free-est :smileyhappy: method:

You can use the free JBug11 app for Windows, which can be found here: JBug11 version 5

You will also need my own JBug11 add-on for the F1 board from here: http://www.aspisys.com/jbug_plugins.zip

(Read the readme.txt for instructions on how to make JBug11 recognize the new files.)

Hope this helps.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


Actually, the Application Note AN1060 refer to HC11 programming using Bootstrap mode.

This mode makes use of a ROM program to load user-defined programs into RAM memory. All microcontrollers have these ROM program from factory and also some routines for EEPROM programming, so the only thing you have to worry about is how to enter this mode and how to use the RAM to program the EEPROM.

Please find the Application Note and the associated files at:

Application Note AN1060.pdf

Software Files for AN1060 zipped

Actually if you use the program in AN1010 you can program directly into EEPROM using this mode, and this make much easier the programming than a defined protocol with timing procedures (like some other microcontrollers).

Another option could be a 3rd party supplier, the BeeProg2C programmer.

Please find more information about the programmer mentioned in the following link:


Please be aware that the MC68HC11F1 is an obsolete device.

Hope this information will be useful for you. I am glad to help.

Have a great day.