An audio shield for FRDM-KL46Z/K20

Poll created by Kai Liu on Oct 31, 2013

FRDM boards are great. However they follow Arduino layout and IO oriented. Maybe we should have some fun on it.


I found I2S port is available on FRDM-KL26Z and FRDM-K20. So I will like to propose to design an audio shield for them.


Basic feature:

microSD card

I2S output (interface to low cost UDA1330 DAC)

on board amplifier for headphone or small loudspeaker.


Advanced feature:

USB host for MSD

I2S input (interface to UDA1341 codec, a legacy silicon since MiniDisk age)

on board amps for headphone and microphone


I want to know your feedback on this idea. Maybe I should place it into POLL module?


It can playback wav file with simple driver, however it will take more efforts for a complete MP3 decoding. So community and open source is important.



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