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For privacy reasons I do not want my real full name to be broadcast on the internet. I have turned off my real name from being displayed publicly in the settings but it makes no difference because the default user name is just my full name with no space. During registration this website did not ask me for a username it just automatically assigned… (Show more)
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Jeffrey Zhang
Dear sir,     Where can I get the bootloader source code OF AN12218 document,Thanks!   Jeffrey. 
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Ricardo Zamora
Compré una FRDM-K64F. Cuando la conecto a mi computadora, después de unos segundos se desconecta y vuelve a conectar y muestra un error de timeout. No me permite hacer nada porque se desconecta repetidamente.
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David XY Zhou
Hi, I have a K60 Tower. My understanding is there is only one CAN transceiver on the peripheral board. Is it possible to plug two peripheral boards (the same types) into  the tower with the controller board, and jump both CAN ports?   Thank you, David Zhou
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Viggo Joergensen
Hi, when booting to USB Mass Storage Device, the size of the firmware.bin file is 516K = 512K + 4K The size of the internal CPU flash is 512K. Where does the 4K come from ? Regards Viggo
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Renee Fortenberry
Artificial Intelligence, Enabling Technologies, Security & Solutions Hands-On Workshop: Learn to Get Up and Running Fast with MCUXpresso Software and Tools  AMF-ENT-T3024 - Lab 2 - Getting Started with MCUXpresso.pdf  Achieving End-to-end Security Starting with Secure Boot  Computing at the Edge - When, Why and How  Boot in Less Than One…
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ulysses fonseca
Hello, I'm with a problem on ethernet using LWIP on MCUXpresso using the memory, when i use with this way, work perfectly:     But when i change the order of memory RAM the ethernet stop work.   What happens with my code to this stop work? What i do to solve my problem?   Note: I'm using Freertos, my Flash is shifted for bootloader.  … (Show more)
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Christopher Holland
I have a few questions in regards to the MPC5748G SMPU. Example MPC5748G SMPU initialization + Process ID test    1. Where is the referenced instruction __MSTPR exist? I noticed an include file I am not familiar with #include <ppc_ghs.h>     2. In the example, is there a specific reason for switching to SMPU_1? Couldn't SMPU_0.RGD[6]  be used… (Show more)
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jun yamada
hi,   I am using MKM14Z64ACHH5. The following pins are unused, but are terminal processing open? Should I pull it up or down? Also, where is the explanation of functions such as SDADP 0 written in the manual?   PIN name  8    XTAL 32K  9    EXTAL 32K 11   WKUP 14   SDADP0 15   SDADM0 16   SDADP1 17   SDADM1 20   SDADP2/CMP1P2 21   SDADM2/CMP1P3… (Show more)
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mustafa yuce
Hi There, I am looking to custom design a board with QorIQ  Processing Platform with LS1088A. I do not have any issue of using the DDR4 but I would rather use SODIMM due to being small in size. I am doing some preliminary research on the device itself. It looks like I can use x72 ECC SODIMM DDR4. Can anyone please let me know if there is any… (Show more)
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Anusha Shankar
Hi!   I am very new to freescale and sensory technology. I am an ecologist, and work with hummingbirds in the forests of Ecuador. I am trying to understand how hummingbirds use energy in the wild to determine what limits where a species can and cannot exist. It would be great if I could implant them with accelerometers and/or heart rate monitors… (Show more)
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