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David Johnson
We have designed and built our own twin IMX6UL application PCBs.     Using a bare-metal application of ours to deal with all non-volatile programming on this board, we have programmed serial NOR flash memory with a 2nd stage boot loader, main application software(ThreadX based), data sets, etc.     All of this works fine when boot is controlled… (Show more)
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Ruchika Dahiya
Board - imx6 Sabre for smart device  OS - Yocto linux 4.9.88 .   Problem - When i run QT demo application , top command shows CPU load around 70% . QT5 app is using GPU as shown by    top - 17:37:55 up 4:45, 1 user, load average: 0.30, 0.07, 0.02 Tasks: 151 total, 1 running, 150 sleeping, 0 stopped, 0 zombie %Cpu(s): 13.8 us, 17.3… (Show more)
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eze alegre
Hi! After installing MCUXpresso IDE (MCUXpressoIDE_10.2.1_795) I get an error when I want to debug. I'm using: - windows 7 32bits - LPCxpresso lpc1769 ( LPC1769 LPCXpresso - Embedded Artists ) Rev C.   I can't connect with the microcontroller. Please help. I'm waiting for your response.    Sorry about my english, i'm a native speaker.    … (Show more)
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christian Lara
I need to repair/chance processor of a lot of cards the:   originally mounted(no avaliable): MC68332ACEH25 can be remplaced? by an option 1(more avaliable):MC68332GCEH25  or the   option2: MC68332GCEH20 of  option3:(almost not avaliable):MC68332ACEH20. i appretiate  help  thanks.
christian Lara
I need help urgently, please help me   Processor: 52233 codewarrior eclipse Configuration: FLASH[Active] I have this error  Overflow in segment: code from section: .text Segment reserved size is: 0x00005300 -- Overflow of: 0x00005aa4 39_13_23_IN1UP C/C++ Problem   and this warning: Description Resource Path Location Type __cfm(.cfmconfig) in… (Show more)
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liang feng
hello everybody:      use kernel serial results:     [   58.250641] imx-uart 21ec000.serial: Rx FIFO overrun     [   59.241089] imx-uart 21ec000.serial: Rx FIFO overrun     [   59.246135] imx-uart 21ec000.serial: Rx FIFO overrun   my hardware serial link to   imx6q ttl  -> rs232 ->  ttl mcu ,if hot plug serial,serial results rx… (Show more)
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Dan Bocko
Anyone have examples or starter code for the I.MX287 to use SSP with the DMA controller and the APBH bus. I am trying to read an 8-channel ADC and store the values using DMA. Working in RTOS instead of Linux.   Thanks Dan
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Hello, I've been following the guide AN4581, but I'm still getting issues when uploading my signed u-boot. We are using a imx6 duallite on a custom board. Here are the output of the commands to know the addresses and offsets:   od -X -N 0x20 {file} 0000000 402000d1 17800000 00000000 177ff42c 0000020 177ff420 177ff400 17875000 00000000 0000040… (Show more)
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Dave Marples
I am using a 1021 device and want to use a 'standard' FlexSPI QSPI as a boot device, but I want to configure it as FlexsSPI_A onto GPIO_AD_B1_00 .. 05 rather than the more conventional (based on EVK & other designs) GPIO_SD_B1_06 .. 11 pinning.   Is there anything special I need to do it order to enable this, or is it just a case of setting… (Show more)
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Saranya Chitta
Hello,   I've started working with LPC 54018 & AWS IoT. I've followed all the step-by-step instructions as mentioned in the tutorial for the aws_shadow_wifi example (OM40007|LPC54018 IoT Microcontroller Module|NXP). This demo works fine and I see all the MQTT commands in the Serial Terminal (Tera Term).    However, I tried the voice control… (Show more)
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Hector Sanchez
Hi i'm creating a custom yocto image to use a mipi dsi display on a Wandboard Dual, i don't know if i'm missing something because i cannot make the image load the drivers or detect the screen. I already did this: - Modify the mxcfb_hx8369_wvga.c with my display data. - Modified imx6qdl-wandboard.dtsi and added this: / { mipi_dsi_reset:… (Show more)
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