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Radek Raichel
Hi community,   I have a question to validation of DDR. With CodeWarrior for Power Architecture (10.5.1) and activated license for DDR Validation we get a nonsense results. For example following results we got for a test of skews on different memory lanes:   Our configuration: - T2081 - 64-bit DDR3L + 8-bit ECC - 933MHz CLK    With… (Show more)
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Guy Shapiro
Is it possible to power up the IMX6ul using a low power RTC alarm?   On the Reference Manual, the RTC alarm is only mentioned on the High Power RTC (SNVS_HP section).  This section states that "this alarm cannot wake up the entire system if it is powered off". However, the svns resisters section includes a SNVS_LP Time Alarm register, and it… (Show more)
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Ray Hall
Hello,   I have CodeWarrior Classic Standard Suite. I downloaded  and installed all the the BEANS in "PE12_V3_01_Sensors" for S12X When I look in  "Installed Components Overview" I can see all the sensors. But they are not visible in the "Components Library" selection window. Can anyone please help.   Ray. CodeWarrior IDE version 5.9.0… (Show more)
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jean-christophe rouat
Is it possible to get updated p2020 errata document or at least a description of CPU33 erratum? Many thanks in advance, best regards JC
in QorIQ Processing Platforms
li li
You have been redirected to this page because your ID is INACTIVE in Flexera. Please Activate your account to proceed. If you believe you have reached this page in error, please contact NXP® Technical Support.     why!!!!!!
xiaojun ye
Hi,     我的板子是mx6q,视频解码芯片为isl79987, cvbs模拟信号输入,通过mipi接口与mx6q相连,内核版本是3.035,请问可以提供3.0.35关于isl79987的内核补丁吗?
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santhoshkumar siripuram
We want use UART for serial communication with GPS chip on KEA8 micro,Prot pins PTB0 and PTB1 are assigned for UART as ALT4,do we need to make any specific setting to use ALT4 functionality on port pins.
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kayathri M
Hi all,   We are using KL17Z256 and SDK_2.1_MKL17Z256xxx4. We don't have power reset option on our design. I2C driver can stuck at the while loops in fsl_i2c.c /* Wait until data transfer complete. */ while (!(base->S & kI2C_IntPendingFlag)) { } I2C bus release procedure is given to release the bus during power on and error cases.  Is… (Show more)
in Kinetis Microcontrollers
Pietro di Castri
Good morning I installed the virtual com device in the demo app for the FRDM64. The device status is  The device cannot start. (Code 10)   Suggestions?   Thank You  Pietro
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Luis Hernandez Salvador
Hello.   What is happening with the Kinetis MK66 and MK64 microcontrollers, Why is there no stock in any supplier?? Until recently they could at least be obtained in Mouser, and sometimes in Farnell. But right now they are out of stock in ALL providers, they do not even have them in Mouser.   Does this mean that the Kinetis are going to stop… (Show more)
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Timothy Schnobel
I'm trying to get stop mode working with the s12zvm. We are waking via the LIN bus. The design uses the internal clock. I'm able to sleep and wake, but when I wake my clocks are running extremely slow (seems like 12.5MHz down to something like 18KHz). I've tried reinitializing the CPMU subsystem and waiting for CPMUIFLG_LOCK, but my clocks are… (Show more)
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Jackey Ko
Hi NXP,   I would like to download the MQX 4.1 included i.mx6sx bsp for SABRE-SDB Board. How to get MQX 4.1 included i.mx6sx bsp?   Thanks, Jackey
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