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Andre Heinemans
Hi,   I am encountering a machine check exception when programming the internal flash on a MPC5745R using Core0 and I don't know why this happens.   The software is located in a section between 0x00FA0000-0x00FFFFFF and it tries to install a bootheader in 0x00F9C000. Just some instructions after a write or erase in this ROM area will raise the… (Show more)
in MPC5xxx
Hi community,   we have a custom Boards with i.MX6 Dual and DualLite. The connection between WDOG1_OUT_N and i.MX6 Reset input is currently not assembled. When doing a reboot using watchdog 1 ("Reset cause: WDOG"), Ethernet is not working (no packets are reiceived, but I can see data on the RGMII RX pins). After connecting WDOG1_OUT_N and… (Show more)
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sharmila d
Hi, I am using pcf2127 rtc module in my custom board. The GPIO3_16 is used for rtc alarm interrupt. Now I have to suspend the module and when rtc alarm interrupt comes, it should wake up. I am using below command for suspending the system   echo mem > /sys/power/state   When rtc alarm interrupt comes , the system is not waking up. The… (Show more)
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Xiaofan Lee
I use flexbuild_lsdk1906_update_290719.tgz , my host machine is CentOS7, so I unpack this pkgs, and then use flex-builder docker  this create a docker image for fbubuntu18.04, and then enter it, then I  source setup.env flex-builder -m ls1043ardb -a arm64 evetythins is ok, but at the last occur errors , please help me!! ...  cd… (Show more)
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Visweshwar Srinivasan
I am programming using an LPC4370 to acquire data at 80msps, I am transferring data using USB communication. Although I think I have set all the required ADCHS configurations, I still only get it to run at 40msps if I do FFT of the data after acquisition. Please let me know what I might have to do.    I have attached a part of my codes, and I am… (Show more)
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zhiming qiu
my cpu is B4860 and I use the the sdk-v2.0-1703; my problem is : When the system restarts,Occasionally, The system will print “**printk messages dropped” continuously at the following locations: [11:15:56]U-Boot 2016.09-svn251626 (V3.0.0-5 Nov 13 2018 - 11:37:03) [11:15:56] [11:15:56]CPU0: B4860E, Version: 2.2, (0x86880022) [11:15:56]Core: e6500,… (Show more)
in Qonverge
Hello,   My project needs to capture the SRAM non-correctable ECC event when the SRAM is corrupt for function safety. But now I have two problems when I use ERM to implement it.  My solution is as follows: 1. Enable the ERM CH0 to capture the  SRAM_L non-correctable ECC event; 2. Enable the ERM CH1 to capture the  SRAM_U non-correctable ECC… (Show more)
in S32K
Ammar Bazzaz
I am having trouble with the LPTMR0 when I use LPUART1 to transmit a small buffer of data (8 bytes). When I use LPUART0 everything works fine. The code structure is identical between the two (UART0 vs UART1), except for the modifications required to use one instance the LPUART peripheral vs the other. When I use UART1 the LPTMR0 stops generating… (Show more)
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yingjin yan
Hi  NXP team:         I have a problem recently.       When I plug in the USB camera,I found that the newly inserted USB camera and device node started from video2. Now,I want to delete the device node of  /dev/video0 and /dev/video1 , Let the newly inserted USB camera register from video0 .  How to achieve it.            (The development… (Show more)
in i.MX Processors
Chris Cowdery
Hi,  We are attemping to use a Macronix MX25L3233F QSPI Flash. As far as we can tell, it's a drop in replacement for the IS25LP part that the Eval Kit uses, (albeit a different size).   Yet we cannot get it to work reliably.   We are using the Serial Bootloader from the command line, and it's the BLHOST part that fails.   We have investigated… (Show more)
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Click to view contentI'm working on a project where I just happened to run a LPC824 at 30MHz with an external 12MHz crystal. According to the user manual (UM10800) this setup is supported, and it does seem to work "sometimes". I say sometimes because as soon as the micro controller becomes just slightly warm (Only talking about 35c here) and you reset it, it wont… (Show more)
in LPC Microcontrollers
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