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Jackey Ko
Hi NXP,   I would like to download the MQX 4.1 included i.mx6sx bsp for SABRE-SDB Board. How to get MQX 4.1 included i.mx6sx bsp?   Thanks, Jackey

Luis Hernandez Salvador
Hello.   What is happening with the Kinetis MK66 and MK64 microcontrollers, Why is there no stock in any supplier?? Until recently they could at least be obtained in Mouser, and sometimes in Farnell. But right now they are out of stock in ALL providers, they do not even have them in Mouser.   Does this mean that the Kinetis are going
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shreyans badjatya
Hello All, I am working on a custom board, which is based on the 14x14 evk, I am facing issue with root file system in kernel.   I have updated the QSPI NOR flash with U-Boot, Kernel (4.1.15_2.0.0) device tree and root.ubi as file system. I am able to bring the U-boot up and can mount the root.ubi, Following is the output for