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Giovanni Grondona
Hi I use a LPC54608 board and I don't understand how PLL values are decoded. For example to generate an output frequency of 180Mhz the M value is 30 but it is turned into a MDEC value. I don't understand the pseudocode written into user manual of microprocessor. From an M value of 30 the MDEC value  is 8192 but with pseudocode I get another

Evgeny Erenburg
I read from SPI slave volatile struct    SPI_MemMap *SPIx[NUM_DSPI] = {SPI0_BASE_PTR, SPI1_BASE_PTR, SPI2_BASE_PTR};     uint32_t SPI_TransferByte(uint32_t spi_num, uint8_t tx_data, uint8_t *rx_data) {      uint32_t timeout;      uint32_t value;   
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Hello,   I'm starting a new project based on MPC5745B, i can't find any code example for this MCU, so i was wondering since it is from the same family as MPC574xG/B/C, does the code examples from these MCU still work on MPC5745B. Also the application notes documents.... I'm also looking for the mpc5745b.h file that describe the internal
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Onur Demirel
Hello,   I am working with KE18F and trying to use FLEXCAN.   My aim is setting up the CANbus and wait for the incoming messages that initiates the interrupt subroutine. I want to use CAN0_ORed_Message_buffer_IRQn and its function. I somehow enter this subroutine when I try to send a data using another mailbox and stay in that