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Andro Nooh
I'm using the IMX7-Dual board to configure the drivers to run in AP mode. I've followed the instructions from Wi-Fi/Bluetooth for Linux and Android: Getting ... | Cypress Developer Community  and downloaded the drivers and a Linux Kernel. I followed all the steps provided in that link and was able to compile/load and get the board

Diana Batrlova
Documents: S32K Launched!  Solution for S32K14x which could be attached while couldn't be re-programmed  Fault handling on S32K144  FRDM-S32K144 EVB    Examples: Example S32K144 CMP Round-robin S32DS2.0  Example S32K144 Verify Backdoor Access Key S32DS1.3  Example S32K144 FlexCAN0 RXFIFO DMA nonSDK