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tugce yilmaz
Hello,   I am using mpc5644a. I have two different projects: bootloader and user application. I am installing the user application with bootloader. But even if the user application is running, I want the code to start again from the bootloader every time the power is turned off and on. How can I do that?   Thank you for your help...
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Shmulik Hen
Hello, Since the release of document number UM11226 - "NXP eIQ™ Machine Learning Software Development Environment for i.MX Applications Processors", on 06/2019, has there been any change to the status of the following statement on page 25 - "Arm NN does not currently support the i.MX 8 GPUs due to the Arm NN OpenCL requirements, which are not met… (Show more)
Naman Thaker
Hello,   I am planning to use a custom board with IMX8M Mini SoC. This board would have a empty eMMC without any images flashed on it. I want to flash Android images (android_p9.0.0_2.3.0_image_8mmevk) including the bootloaders, Kernel, system, etc images in the blank eMMC on this board. I have below question regarding the process: 1. Will UUU… (Show more)
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Hello, I'm using the KL26 microcontroller in one of our boards with "SDK_2.4.1_MKL26Z256xxx4" I have a question about disabling/enabling the USB interrupts in order to masking them in a function that must not be interrupted. The functions DisableIRQ/EnableIRQ seem not to work properly. I implement an HID keyboard: I am able to disable the… (Show more)
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Ying Cui
Hello. I am going to buy KITARADAR2001EVM. Let me know where I can buy this development kit of MC33MR2001 chip set. Thank you for your looking. Best regards.
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Martin Tegby
Click to view contentHi,    I am using this code and setup. But the pressure I get seems to be off when comparing to an other pressure sensor (that I trust to work good).  Can you see any error in the code or setup? I belive the problem has to do with the code (is the transfer function ok as stated in the code?).    I am using microcontroller with 8 bit ADC and… (Show more)
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