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Ed McMurray
Hi,   I had a question regarding how to interpret an error message I received when building SDK project in MCUXpresso IDE, which accesses a linked lib.  The SDK was created for use on the i.MXRT1050 EVK.  The lib was built under linux using gnu toolchain for ARM Cortex M7 bare metal.  I have added the lib and path in IDE.   Initially I verified… (Show more)
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Tamas Lorincz
Dear NXP, I created a new FREERTOS project from example for S32K144 in the SDK version 2.9.0: The example compiles and runs fine, however I would like to use static memory allocation, therefore I change this setting in the Processor Expert: This way a few new lines are added to the generated FreeRTOSConfig.h: When I try to compile the… (Show more)
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Nate Sigrist
From the reference manual on "MIPI-CSI2 Peripheral on i.MX6 MPUs", AN5305 - MIPI CSI2, table 4 shows register values for... some clock - it's not specific.  The values are based on a ref_clock of 27MHz.  However, the default clock is 24 MHz for the YOCTO build.    How is the table generated?
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I want to communicate with udp and tcp protocol with my PC. I tried with TCP/IP stack provided at GITHUB. But I am facing problem in compiling my project. Though I have added all stack path to codewarrior location. Can anyone provide me complete project regarding these. I have K60 Tower kit. I don't wana use RTOS on my tower kit.
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Chris J
Hi!   Is it possible to use printf() through the OpenSDA debugger back to console?   Like the MCU outputs printf() data through SWD to OpenSDA debugger, and from there back to the console of S32 Design Studio.   I'm using S32K144EVB, and would like it to function in real time with running application, not using LPUART, and no SDK.       Thank… (Show more)
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Stanislaw Skowronek
I'm looking for more complete documentation for the TFA9896UK boosted speaker amplifier, targeting a portable application.
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For privacy reasons I do not want my real full name to be broadcast on the internet. I have turned off my real name from being displayed publicly in the settings but it makes no difference because the default user name is just my full name with no space. During registration this website did not ask me for a username it just automatically assigned… (Show more)
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Renee Fortenberry
Artificial Intelligence, Enabling Technologies, Security & Solutions Hands-On Workshop: Learn to Get Up and Running Fast with MCUXpresso Software and Tools  AMF-ENT-T3024 - Lab 2 - Getting Started with MCUXpresso.pdf  Achieving End-to-end Security Starting with Secure Boot  Computing at the Edge - When, Why and How  Boot in Less Than One…
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