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Zhou Xx
Hi:       I Use CMU_1 to monit the CHKR_CLK;       System clok Divider 0 is  1, so  CHKR_CLK is 100MHz;       I set CMU_1 HFREF 440  LFREF 360, why the CMU_1 report FLL event?       Help me Plz。

Hanson Chung
hi all   I downloaded the BSP Linux demo Image and follow the Get Started Guide to setting up. but i can not boot it up use SD Card Boot,no any message from that two UART USB PORT. and i try to build flash.bin to dd in seek=33k. stilll not work. I don't know what i can do now.   The sw changed to SW801 (boot mode)
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ahmed saber
Hello, I need to receive an external interrupt using this Micro-controller MPC5746CRM. MPC5746CRM contains an internal module specified to handle the general external interrupt which is SIUL2 module. I made the required initialization as stated in the the Port module for I/O stack and by initializing some registers manually as