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Pascal Irrle
Classic - How to use dashboard (Jenkins) to build a CodeWarrior project?             Valid for all Classic IDE versions - CW for MCU V6.x, CW for PA V8.8, etc ...   Configuration used:                 Native

Gerald Kupris
In the videos you can see the NXP Cup car (old model C type) avoiding a WHITE obscacle (white polystyrene cube or white snow, according to the current winter situation in Bavaria ;-) Best regards, Gerald Kupris Deggendorf Institute of Technology
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Yunus Bhaiji
How to load and run a program directly from i.mx6 internal RAM (SRAM)? Basically we are planning to have tiny test program which will run in IMX6 internal SRAM to test external memory attached with IMX6 like DDR, eMMC, SPI-NOR, mode pin registers before  access these peripherals.   Is there any way to load & run tiny test