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Manivannan s
Hi , how can i run softisp with live camera video, is there any examples for it ? please share.   Regards Mani

jingtian li
Hello,   I meet a problem when I add break points in my code. All the break points don't work and show error as the screenshot.  All types of the break points have the same issue.   Does anyone have the same issue and know how to fix it?   I have tried reinstalling the MCUXpresso, changing the work space, updating the
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Tamir Michael
Hello, I have been experimenting with USB video lately and I would like to know if a imxrt 1064 can stream video over USB at 30 FPS for an uncompressed image with the resolution 640 x 480 (16 bit per pixel). If not - can it be achieved using another data format (say, MJPEG)? To demonstrate: Using YUYV, an image as specified above yields 0.8 FPS.