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张 舜毅
  This problem occurs when I build my project. why?

Rolf Wöhrmann
Hi   there's a strange error when using the GUI Flash Too inside MCUxpresso. It looks like it tries to flash BSS segments to the RAM address which obviously fails. Below there's a log showing these errors for internal RAM BSS segments (at 0x202000E8) for IMXRT1064 as well for board SDRAM (0x80000040). I'm using the EVK board and using
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qiang xie
大家好,               目前使用imx6solo芯片,yocto BSP版本为L4.1.15-2.1.0,目前使用bitbake fsl-image-qt5,编译QT版本。               发现编译生成的QT版本为5.6.1,文件系统带QT,但是文件系统中的QT5.6.1不带webengine,请问要如何编译,QT5.6.1中带webengine。       
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yu-jung Chuang
Hello, This is my first time programming. I've been having some trouble with sending out a CAN message from the MK10FN1M0VLQ12. I used the example code try to send the message to test that can we connect with the device which is I-7565-H1. But it doesn't work. I always stop at this line (as the attachment). I doubt maybe there are my CPU clock has