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yingjin yan
Hi nxp: I usb LINFlexD_UART_MPC5744P testing the board of DEVKIT-MCP5744P. It's can send message to PC terminal, But MCP5744P can not get the message from PC termianl. I find the program beed locked on the line of "while (LINFlexD_1.UARTSR.B.DRFRFE == 0)". I add some judegment statement, as shown int the following figure. I find the

Songlin Gao
Hello ! I have some troubles to configure the SPI communication between FXLS8471Q and MPC5644A. I need to confirm that the SPI Mode is waked up successfully by reading WHO_I_AM register(0x0D) , but I've got this stranger signal by reading the MISO pin with oscilloscope. I don't know what the meaning of this signal, and I want to ensure if the