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Can't connect to GDB proxy on CodeWarrior TAP?

Question asked by Matthew Davis on Mar 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2018 by Matthew Davis

Experiencing the same problems as this post (


Suggested resolution: "As it turned out, for some reason, gdbproxy did not start in the TAP. A delete followed by config cc cwtap via CCS, re-spawn  the gdbproxy and now it works fine."


Where can I find the tools to execute the following instructions? I do not possess CodeWarrior and attempted to download the evaluation versions:

1) CodeWarrior® Development Studio for mobileGT® - could not successfully install

2) CodeWarrior® Development Studio for MPC5xx - did not find the CCS utilities


I can successfully connect and communicate to the CodeWarrior TAP via Telnet. Verified per this post ( that I possess all necessary documentation and I am configuring GDB properly when attempting to connect. Exact commands on host PC running GDB (from processorID_init.gdb):

  • set logging off
  • set debug frame 0
  • set debug remote 0
  • set remotetimeout 100
  • target remote myTargetIPAddress:2345


Result: same as post referenced above (