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How to debug LS1046A using CodeWarrior TAP and gdb?

Question asked by Tom Hohenstein on Feb 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2018 by Yiping Wang

Hello everyone!


I'm trying to debug a custom board with a LS1046A processor with gdb. For this I have connected the CodeWarrior TAP to the board via JTAG and to my PC using Ethernet. Using this setup I can successfully connect to the TAP via telnet. The TX/RX LED on the TAP is blinking green and the RUN/PAUSE LED is red. 


When I try to connect to the gdbproxy on the TAP from my host machine I get 'Connection timed out' message from gdb. According to this thread the problem could be that the gdbproxy is not running on the TAP. Unfortunately I can't really follow the instructions Sinan Akman wrote down. Could you give me a more comprehensible guide on how to start the gdbproxy on the TAP?


Additionally, according to this thread a special target.xml file is needed. Where can this file be found for the LS1046A processor?


Many thanks!