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Monitor not working for MCIMX8M-EVK

Question asked by Ondrej Bilka on Feb 14, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2018 by Ondrej Bilka

Hello, I tried to use provided binary linux (and preloaded android) on evaluation board but both don't display anything to monitor (tested with iiyama T2252MTS-B5, supports full HD, hdmi on both sides). Is that sw problem or bad hw? System tells that HDMI-A-1 is used. When I tried to plug hdmi to other monitor it wrote HDMI/SP, is that related?


Otherwise system works if i connect with ssh/com port. Unlike X I don't know how to check more with wayland. I only did few tests from what I found on web to get attached error log of weston --tty=1 


There log contains bogus resolutions as maximal for monitor is 1920x1080