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JTAG can't communicate with IMX6UL

Question asked by bryant chou on Feb 13, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2018 by bryant chou

Hi Sir:


  I want to use JTAG to communicate with IMX6UL for debug purpose, but now the JTAG can't communicate with IMX6UL.


  I find the signals, TMS, TDI, TCK, NTRST and POR_B, from JTAG are correct, but we can't receive the TDO output from IMX6UL.


    My question is how do i check status about ”JTAG_SMODE[1:0]” and the register 0x460 of Boot Fusemap ??? Are there have any hardware pin can check it???


 The description  about JTAG_SMODE at IMX6ULHDG


  The description  about r 0x460 of Boot Fusemap at IMX6ULRM



    Thanks and  Regards,

    Bryant Chou