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Error during programming

Question asked by Pietro di Castri on Feb 7, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2018 by ZhangJennie

Good morning


I am having a big problem using the FRDM K64. I tried old project always working and new ones. 

I am using the JTAG with PE Micro..

What to do with such message???


Connection from "" via
Copyright 2012 P&E Microcomputer Systems,Inc.
Command Line :C:\Freescale\KDS_v3\eclipse\plugins\com.pemicro.debug.gdbjtag.pne_2.6.0.201610062322\win32\pegdbserver_console -device=NXP_K6x_K64FN1M0M12 -startserver -singlesession -serverport=7224 -gdbmiport=6224 -interface=USBMULTILINK -speed=5000 -porð


Target has been RESET and is active.
CMD>CM C:\Freescale\KDS_v3\eclipse\plugins\com.pemicro.debug.gdbjtag.pne_2.6.0.201610062322\win32\gdi\P&E\supportFiles_ARM\NXP\K6x\freescale_k64fn1m0m12_1x32x256k_pflash.arp


;version 1.02, 06/02/2014, Copyright 2014 P&E Microcomputer Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. [mk64_1024k_n_pflash0_pflash1]

;device freescale, k64fn1m0m12, 1x32x256k, desc=pflash

;begin_cs device=$00000000, length=$00100000, ram=$20000000

Loading programming algorithm ...

Error! Enabling module timed out.

Error enabling module just selected.
Error loading programming algorithm - load aborted.

Error occured during Flash programming.

PE-ERROR: Error downloading to the device.



Thank You