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How to use Config Tools integrated in MCUXpresso IDE ?

Question asked by Geoff Sokoll on Feb 8, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2018 by Alice_Yang

I'm trying to use the Clocks and Pins config tools integrated in MCUXpresso, without much luck.


I have the current MCUXpresso installed (v 10.1.), and have downloaded and installed the SDK for a FRDM-KL27Z board.  The NXP list of supported devices indicates this board is fully supported for Pins and Clocks config tools (although only partially supported for the Peripherals tool).


I start MCUXpresso, create a new C/C++ project using the FRDM-KL27Z board using defaults. I then open the Pins perspective (using Window... Perspective... Open Perspective... Other... Pins) but the resulting view says "No processor selected".  If I change to the Clocks perspective instead, it reports an error "MCU is not selected".  So how the heck do you select the processor ? 


I'd look in the documentation for the config tools, if only it existed...