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How does the LPC1788FBD144 chip configure the ADC function to collect two signals simultaneously?

Question asked by 明杰 周 on Feb 7, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by jeremyzhou

Now I need to configure the AD sampling feature of the LPC1788FBD144 chip, which requires the ability to read both signals simultaneously. However, there is only one ADC in the chip, how to sample two signals. By looking at the chip manual, you know that the chip has an ADC mouth with 8 channels at the same time. But in software mode, only one channel can be sampled at a time. If in the hardware scan mode, which bits of the 8 channels are set to 1, the sampling values of these channels can be read. I suspect that you may need to configure a hardware scan mode to sample both signals simultaneously.

My question is:

1、LPC1788FBD144 chip has only one ADC mouth, how to sample two signals simultaneously?

2、The first 8 bits in the AD control register of LPC chip are the selection and input channels. In the software mode, only one can be set to 1. In the hardware scan mode, any value containing 1-8 can be written into that bit. I now need to collect two signals, which will require two channels, so two channels must be configured in the hardware scan mode. So what is the hardware scan pattern? Which registers should I configure to start the hardware scan mode?