Motor Control Class: Lecture 3 - Input Commands

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In this third lecture of the motor control course we discuss about how we can read different analog or digital inputs to build a speed reference block generator in Simulink model that will set the desired speed command for the PI speed controller.


Main topics:

    - How ADC works;

    - How to build an application around ADC peripheral;

    - How to flash the application on the target microprocessor;

    - How to build an application around the GPIO peripheral;

    - How to use the FreeMASTER to test applications in real time;

    - Mixing ADC and GPIO model into a single reference speed block;



    - Understand how the ADC and GPIO works on MPC5744P and DevKit;

    - Learn how to program the Flash Algorithm on the microprocessor to allow Matlab to download the applications;

    - Implement from scratch Simulink models for ADC and GPIO for MPC5744P;

    - Setup FreeMASTER for real time data visualization;

    - Test your knowledge with a short quiz;


Watch these 3 videos and leave your comments and questions below.


PART1: ADC Programming




PART2: GPIO Programming







Additional information:

    - pdf attached with slides shown in these videos;

    - Simulink models used in these videos;

Original Attachment has been moved to: Lecture3---Simulink-Models.zip


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