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Freertos task aware debug with Jlink probe with relocated application

Question asked by biafra on Jan 11, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2018 by biafra

Hi everyone,


I'm unsing the latest version of MCUXpresso (10.1.1) and I'm facing an issue (that was present even in the preceeding version 10.1.0).

I'm debugging an application running Freertos using Jlink probe.

The application is relocated and runs from address 0x10200.

If the FreeRTOS plugin is selected the application doesn't run and if I pause the execution the PC in is the bootloader area (where there is some garbage).

If the FreeRTOS plugin isn't selected the application works fine (obviously I can't use the task aware debug feature).

If the same application runs from address 0, it works fine regrdless of the FreeRTOS plugin is selected or not.


Is some configuration needed or some other step to work with FreeRTOS plugin selected and the application running from an address other than 0?


Many thanks