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Designing a Linux board using MCIMX6Y1?

Question asked by Abhishek Arora on Dec 26, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2017 by igorpadykov

I am going to design a Linux board using MCIMX6Y1 processor. I am looking for JTAG that can be used with MCIMX6Y1 and other tools (hardware and software) that will be required for designing and running my Linux board.


Below is the list of components that I think will be required for my board:

  1. FT234XD (USB-To-Uart Bridge)
  2. KSZ8081 (Ethernet Transceiver)
  3. MT41K512M16 (LvDDR3)
  4. JTAG
  5. MCIMX6Y1
  6. Voltage Regulators
  7. Connectors


I am planning to boot my board via external SD card and therefore, I have skipped emmc, qspi or any other flash in my board to reduce the board cost and save space. Is it possible to boot from external sd card without any on-board emmc or flash? Can someone help me getting cheap JTAG? I am comfortable with Linux and open source tools. Can someone suggest me things that I will require and I have missed it in my list? Any component? Does IMX6ULL has SWD interface?.  I will share my design soon with the community to review it.