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Does x11 and gstreamer compete on display ?

Question asked by ranshalit on Dec 14, 2017
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I use yocto morti with x11 distro, and try to display gstreamer on screen.

qt5 application shows without any issue.

But gstreamer pipelines are distorted with green lines. I use rtp pipeline. simpler pipeline with videotstsrc, looks better.

I suspect that x11 is competeing on same display. On stopping the gstreamer application, the desktop manager pops in. even if I try to display x11 with :

systemctl set-default

I still get xterm terminal pop in.

We also noticed high memory bus usage, even before starting pipeline (read is about 450MB/s in mddc profiler)

So, it makes us suspect that they compete on the display.


1. Is it that x11 yocto distro should not be used with gstreamer, and we better change to fb distro ?

2. Can I disable x11 completely ?

3. Is it possible to command gstreamer pipeline to display on the other hdmi output (there are 2 hdmi outputs in board) ?