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What is the right KSDK FFS to use over SDHC in an RTCS/FTP environment?

Question asked by Mark Scovel on Nov 5, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2017 by Mark Scovel

Trying to add a flash file system to access an SD micro card via SDHC using KDS3.2, and KSDK1.3.0 on twrk65f180m. Have run the example sdhc_sdcard_example_twrk65f180m and it successfully accesses data on the card but there appears to be no flash file system in that example (am I missing it?). Since we will also be adding an (RTCS) FTP server for remote access and file manipulation (and since I see in documents that MFS appears to be included/used by/required in RTCS’ FTP) I figure it would make more sense to bring in RTCS and use the MFS instead of getting any other FFS working.  Questions: Does MFS expose a flash file API to the software environment? Can MFS read/write files on an SD micro card using SDHC? Can tasks/components outside RTCS use MFS to read/write files on the SD micro card? If the answer to these questions is no, what SDHC flash file system would be compatible with MFS and is there an example SDHC/FFS project I can study/emulate?