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Download code in flash FRDM-KV10Z in MCUXpresso using Segger/PE Micro

Question asked by Shoaib Shaikh on Nov 1, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2017 by LPCX presso support

Dear all,


I am facing problems in downloading my code to flash memory in MCUXpresso 10.0.0 and 10.0.2 in Windows 7 professional.


I am using FRDM-KV10Z and FRDM-K64F with Segger Jlink as debugger. I also tried using JFlash lite after generating a binary file from the axf file but it does not work.

I found this link ( which suggested a way using PE Micro debugger. I changed the debug mode to PE Micro by copying (DEBUG_OpenSDA_for_MBED_Bootloader_by_Pemicro_v108_v2.1.bin) file for KV10Z in the bootloader. The code worked in the debug mode but after reconnecting power the code was not working.

Could you kindly inform me how code can be downloaded in flash using Segger for KV10Z and K64F development boards.