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Cannot change Debian in my i.MX6ULL evk anymore

Question asked by Pablo Cottens on Oct 25, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2017 by CarlosCasillas

Hello, As stated above I have a i;MX6ULL evk board and I can't change the OS running in it anymore.


Initially I was using this tutorial on how to put debian 8 jessie on the board using mfgtool and everything worked accordingly. After a couple of months that I did this, I disconnected everything and reconnected everything in different ports and I am unable to detect the board with mfgtool since then.


I plugged both micro-usbs to the computer and I can see that the serial usb used for viewing the logs is detected without a problem, but the other one doesn't seem to be recognized by windows anymore.


It takes a while, but after a few seconds of being connected to the PC D2003 starts blinking (the LED located between the power connector and the board with the processor) and whenever I disconnect it it stops blinking, but still, windows doesn't seem to detect it and mfgtool says that there is no device connected.