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how to access debug configuration registers with CF MCF 52235

Question asked by Leonid Shikhelman on Oct 17, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2017 by Carlos_Mendoza


We are using ColdFire MCF52235 and having the following issue:


On some cases, when trying to flash the FW via cyclone max  - FW is not flashed.

While on the same HW, FW is flashed via the CF MULTILINK.


We found that on those cases in which FW is not flashed, the PSTCLK is not enabled.

The register which controls the PSTCLK is the CSR register (debug control register).

We want to test this issue, so we need an access to the debug control registers.

Is there a way using the codewarrior 10.7 to access those debug registers? If not how can we set/control those registers?