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MPC5744P sys_clk cann't config to 200Mhz

Question asked by 皮 小 on Oct 17, 2017

like the appendix m5744xinit.c,i config the PLL1 to 200Mhz.And i config the MC_ME.RUN0_MC.R to choose sys_clk=PLL1=200Mhz.


And in main(void),i use SIUL_ToggleIO(SIUL_PD5) to observe the time of system running time.But i found that the time of SIUL_PD5 togglling is 120us.So i calculated the time of sys_clk,it seems to be 40Mhz not 200Mhz.


I really don't know why the program within the main function runs so slowly?

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