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ROM Bootloader LPUART clock gate disabled on MKL17

Question asked by Frederik Vezina on Sep 28, 2017

Hi KBOOT team,


I'm using a MKL17Z256VFT4 processor on our own application board. I enabled booting from the ROM bootloader by setting the FlashConfig in the startup_MKL17Z4.S file. Also added a BCA. Did the fix for this bug as well. (

All seems to work fine until I tried to connect with the blhost application using the serial port. There wasn't any PING response from the bootloader. 

Looking at the CPU Registers with a debugger, the clock gate for the LPUART0 was not enabled. (See SIM_SCGC5[LPUART0] in SIM_Registers.png attached) When I enabled the other peripherals, their clock gate was enabled.

Could you advise on conditions where the LPUART0 would fail to initialized on the ROM Bootloader?





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