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Cannot export specific gpio pins. How to check what uses GPIO pins?

Question asked by Hirotoshi Sato on Sep 7, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2017 by Biyong Sun


I use an i.mx6 board and am configuring a device tree.

I changed a dts file and put the dtb file in a boot partition.

I set GPIO4_IO19 in dts file as follows.

&iomuxc {
pinctrl-names = "default";
pinctrl-0 = <&pinctrl_hog_1>;
imx6ul-evk {
pinctrl_hog_1: hoggrp-1 {
fsl,pins = <


At first MX6UL_PAD_CSI_VSYNC__GPIO4_IO19 was defined in other group (usdhcgrp) but I commented out them.


After booting, I checked if gpio is successfully determined as I set.

The result is 

echo 115 > /sys/class/gpio/export
-sh: echo: write error: Device or resource busy

So I checked this.

cat /sys/kernel/debug/gpio

GPIOs 0-31, platform/209c000.gpio, 209c000.gpio:
gpio-10 (phy-reset ) out lo

GPIOs 32-63, platform/20a0000.gpio, 20a0000.gpio:

GPIOs 64-95, platform/20a4000.gpio, 20a4000.gpio:
gpio-68 (ft5x06_irq_gpio ) in hi

GPIOs 96-127, platform/20a8000.gpio, 20a8000.gpio:
gpio-109 (? ) out lo
gpio-115 (cd ) in lo
gpio-116 (? ) out lo
gpio-117 (? ) out lo
gpio-118 (sysfs ) in hi

GPIOs 128-159, platform/20ac000.gpio, 20ac000.gpio:
gpio-128 (phy-reset ) out lo

gpio-115 is used by cd. What is cd ?

I want to use it as sysfs to read the state. Any other way to read it ? 

Furthermore, gpio-10, 68, 109, 116, 117 is used by other device.

How can I use them by sysfs?


Thank you for your cooperation.