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How can we finalize a mc8640tvu1067ne working fine????

Question asked by PHANIKUMAR KORLAPATI on Sep 18, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2017 by dumitru-daniel.popa

Hi all,


A. As IAM working on PCB board which is having mc8640tvu1067ne as a processor. And we are facing issues with that same IC. Actually some of the signals which as output of processor, is not coming from processor. And which is directly going to some other IC , but thing is there is no isolation is possible in our board. I want to know the lose of the signals is happening at processor side or receiver side. Is there any chance to find out faulty ic is which one.


B. Which signals need to check to tell processor is fine or not???



C. Flashing of bsp is not happening means by using windriver flashing kit, what could be the reason for that. whether DDR ic's is the problem or processor is faulty. Why I AM mentioning processor or DDR Ic's only means erase operation is happening and it while loading time it is showing error as unable to load the code into the flash IC.

Note : wind river flashing kit is working fine.


Please help me to find out the reason's for the mentioned problems and signals which need to check to finalize working or not.


Thanks and regards

Phanikumar K