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Unable to debug FRDM-KV10Z development board

Question asked by Mutullah Eşer on Jun 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2017 by Mutullah Eşer

Dear all,

 I am facing problems in debugging FRDM-KV10Z development board in KDS IDE on WIndows 7. I am following the steps in the KDS User guide (attached).


As mentioned in the guide, the PE and Segger drivers are installed in the KDS installation itself.


Could you kindly let me know which configuration of the three – OpenOCD, PEMicro and Segger should be used. I have tried the C/C++ MCU application and the GDB PEMicro interface debugging.


I had first installed MCUXpresso and I was able to debug the LED blinking code on it. Then I installed KDS but could not debug the LED blinking code on it. I uninstalled both the software’s and all the related drivers and re-installed only KDS but still the same problem persists. I also disabled the anti-virus software and tried again but I received the same error message.


The error message related to

C/C++ (NXP Semiconductors) MCU Application is as follows


GDB PEMicro is as follows


The debug configuration is as follows


And the device manager window is as follows