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PMIC PF3000 inrush current when PWRON is deasserted.

Question asked by Franky Hsu on Jun 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2017 by Franky Hsu

Hi Support,


We use PF3000 as the power manager unit and we found the same problem that shows in the below thread.

Large inrush current at boot time on iMX6 SDB 


Our situation is that we use the removable battery and do not have changer in the board design. I mean if the battery is in low battery status, the voltage will be impacted by the power on inrush current. The worst case might reach the under voltage detection to cause the PMIC off. The inrush current is short and the peak is about 2.6A. We see the same value on the IMX7D Saber board.


My question is that how to decrease the inrush current? I have try to add several 22uF caps in the power input but no improvement except I remove some output caps.