HotFix: MBD Toolbox rev2.0.0 for S32K

Discussion created by dumitru-daniel.popa Employee on May 23, 2017

HotFix_1: Fix license errors for DISK_SERIAL_NUM with less than 8 characters

NXP Tracking numberAST-619


Problem: If your HDD has a serial number with less than 8 characters, the license checking and validation will fail even if the license is correctly generated


Root Cause: Coding logic error


Workaround:  Update the files attached in the following folders 

{Toolbox install dir}\mbdtbx_S32K\mbdtbx_s32k\mscripts\checkers\ folder mbd_s32k_cc_data_check.p file

{Toolbox install dir}\mbdtbx_S32K\mbdtbx_s32k\mscripts\matlab_ui\ forder mbd_s32k_hostid.p file


Customer Report: The error of  Matlab Motor Control Toolbox for MATLAB / Simulink MBD supporting S32K1.0 library 

Special thanks to Bin Qin  for testing and fix confirmation

Original Attachment has been moved to: mbd_s32k_cc_data_check.p.zip

Original Attachment has been moved to: mbd_s32k_hostid.p.zip