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Why BSP support is not open source for Linux for iMX6 ?

Question asked by Bhargav Jayswal on May 11, 2017
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I am working on Embedded Product Designing and Development side, I go through Several ARM SOC, and I came across IMX6 series and it is satisfying our requirements. So, I am planning to design our product with IMX6 for our client, but I found that it has many issues and many things are not available as open source for IMX6. Even if we start working on Linux Driver Development but it is not working because BSP is not supporting some of the functionality and also BSPs are not open source.


I go through some of the link in which it is mentioned, BSP is not supported for some modules like SPI, I2C, etc. Also proper documents are not available for some of the modules like DMA, etc.


So, now I am hesitating to use iMX6 confidently.


Can you please let me know that why these BSPs are not working properly even if it is used by standard Linux kernel.

Please provide your view on this. So we can make our decision to proceed further.


Thanks for the support.