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FRDM-K64F - UART3 Issues With KSDK 2.0

Question asked by thunderfoot on Apr 20, 2017

I am using the FRDM-K64F for evaluation of the K64 for possible use in a commercial project. I am fairly new to KDS and the SDK 2.0 so please bare with me! I am able to get UART3 working via pins PTC16/PTC17 no problem with a simple mbed program, however when I try to do the same within Kinetis Design Studio using SDK 2.0 I can't get UART3 to work. I have UART3 connect to an RS485 transceiver, and when monitoring on a scope here is what I see when using mbed firmware:


UART3 using mbed


And I receive the message as expected. However, here is what I see when I attempt to use UART3 with firmware created with KDS and SDK 2.0:


UART3 using KDS + SDK 2.0


I am assuming I must just not be muxing or initializing something correctly but haven't been able to figure it out. In my firmware, I am beginning with the Hello World demo app from the SDK2.0, and only adding minimal code to attempt to get basic functionality from UART3. 


I've attached my entire hello_world.c and pin_mux.c files.


This is urgent so any help would be much appreciated!



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