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LPC Xpresso 11c24 CAN extended not working

Question asked by sridharan j on Apr 26, 2017
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I am using LPCXpresso (11c24) board for CAN communication, I am able to transmit standard ID , however when I try to transmit extended ID ,I find no response, I am using the demo sample codes . Can any one help . PFA


Below is the code snip where I suspect demo code problem. 


id = id & _EXT_FORMAT;

LPC_CAN->IF1_MSK1 = (id & _MSK1_MSK);
LPC_CAN->IF1_MSK2 = (id >> 16) | _MSK2_MXTD;

LPC_CAN->IF1_ARB1 = (id & _ARB1_ID);
LPC_CAN->IF1_ARB2 = (id >> 16) | _ARB2_XTD | _ARB2_MSGVAL;

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