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Kinetis Bootloader and .sd file troubles

Question asked by Ashley Duncan on Apr 9, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2017 by Mark Butcher



I am using the Kinetis bootloader 2.0.0 package.  I have built the led_demo_freedom_a000 example.  I have used elftosb.exe to make a .sd file.  I have built and installed the freedom_bootloader on a K64F freedom board.  The MSC is working as it opens a file dialog on my PC.  When I drop my .sd file onto the window, the bootloader sees it and steps out of waiting for a peripheral.  But then it does nothing!!!


I am using the command file shown below and the command line:


elftosb.exe -c cmd.txt -o


sources {
myElfFile = "led_demo_freedom_a000.elf";
section (0) {
erase all;
load myElfFile;


Does anybody know how to make this work.  Or have a working example of elftosb?  I am stuck!!!