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Using a project/workspace created in Windows on Linux

Question asked by Bernardo Souza on Apr 11, 2017

I've used LPCXpresso for a number of years on windows. The Lab I work at has fully migrated to Ubuntu Linux and I've made a new install of LPCXpresso. The problem is, I can't make my old projects work on the ubuntu install. If I try creating a new workspace and a new project and then copy manually the .c and .h files from the other projec over I get a multiple definition error from some variables defined on a header file. If I mark those variables as extern (wich I chouldn't but just in case) I get a '/home/administrador/Área de Trabalho/Teste Bernardo/LPCxpresso/workspaceAluno/Teste/Debug/Teste.axf' warning and the .bn file does not work when flashed.


I don't know if there is an extra configuration I should be doing or if there is a simpler conversion method I'm not aware of.


I'm programming a lpc1314F Arm.

A copy of a simplified code, used to test the transition between windows and linux is in the attachment

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