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How to change the MIPI Clock in driver or dts file

Question asked by Titus Stalin on Apr 4, 2017
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I have a camera which will provide the image 2592x1944 resolution at 19FPS RGB888 and 4 lane count used.

So here is the calculation.


PIXEL clock = 2592 x 1944 x 19 x 1.5(RGB888) x 1.35 (BI)    ==> 193.86MHz

MIPI Data rate = 193.86 x 16bit  ==>   3101Mbps


MIPI Clock =  3101 / 4 (lane count) / 2  = 3101 / 8  ==> 387.73MHz

DDR2 clock = 387.73 x 2 ==> 775.25MHz


Then I wrote 0x32 value in CSI2_PHY_TST_CTRL1 register.


As per the document Debug steps for customer MIPI sensor.docx

                           //  750-800MHz  :0x32   //783Mhz


mipi_csi2_write(info, 0x00000032, CSI2_PHY_TST_CTRL1


My question is that where I need to change this new clock settings for my camera ?

I'm using kernel version 3.14.52

Where I need to change the clock settings, driver or dts file ??


Thanks for the help.



Titus S.