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How to Access SimpleMetering Cluster from Home Automation

Question asked by Thomas Jacobson on Mar 2, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2017 by Thomas Jacobson

I'd like my Home Automation Coordinator to send a ReadAttributesRequest to my SmartPlug devices, requesting the SimpleMetering cluster. Using the coordinator in the HA demo (JN-AN-1189), I've done a few modifications, trying to add the SimpleMetering cluster to the HA profile, then add the cluster to End Point 1 on the coordinator. Unfortunately, this causes the ZigBee module (JN5168) to crash and restart.


Can someone point me in the right direction of accessing the SimpleMetering cluster? It is a Smart Energy cluster, but it goes into Smart Plugs, which are a Home Automation device, so I assume it can be accessed somehow.


- Thomas