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How to bring up iMAX6 Quad processor based new hardware design ?

Question asked by Peter Amond on Feb 26, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2017 by Peter Amond

Hi All,

I designed iMAX6 Quad processor based custom board for a video processing unit and I have used freescale iMAX6 Quad Sabre SD hardware design files as reference for DDR layout design, EMMC and other peripherals as well . I need to know few information about custom hardware design bringing up. I did following steps for my custom board.


1. Visual Inspection
2. Verify all SoC voltage rails
3. Verify power up sequence
4. Run basic DDR initialization and test memory >> i.MAX6 DDR Stress test tool V2.60 <<
5. Run DDR Stress test

Need to clarify following things.

1. After DDR Memory calibration and stress test what are the files should I update in uboot ? Is that only the uboot files ? Any place to change DDR clock frequency in uboot ? (If I'm using different RAM which has different clock frequency (800MHz) to the sabre sd boards)

2. If the custom hardware design has an EMMC do we have any calibration or configurations for this fresh EMMC ?


3. Before do the DDR calibration are there any method to test clock frequencies of DDR RAM after the board power up ?

I must be thankful to you if you will kindly reply me soon.

Regards & Thanks,