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Create Tasks in KDS with MQX_KDSK and PE

Question asked by Utsavi Kalpesh Bharuchwala on Feb 11, 2017
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I created a project in CodeWarrior using MQX4.0 and I am using TWR-K60D100M.In my Project Say I have total 10 tasks.


Now I need to move on KDS and wants to create a project based on MQX_KDS and Processor Export.

I am using KDS v3.2 and KSDKv1.2.0.


I started with a small demo to Blink the LED with MQX_Lite and Processor Expert mode, which seems to be working fine.


I wants to create a task (Actally I want to create total 10 tasks as per my previous project on Codewarrior). For that I followed "How To_ Create an MQX RTOS for KSDK project with PE" But that is showing me an error(without buiding project) like "Error in the inherited component settings (MQX)".


Error came when I select Configure Set : MQX Standards(As I want to use RTCS, MFS).

(Note that this erros is not coming when I select OS: MQX_Lite)


How to solve this problem?


I want to create a task using OSA_TaskCreate() , not by Adding OS_Task in my project. I have one task and that will create my rest of task. And for that os_task.c will be the main task which will create the rest of my task. 


In my case, I created one task and by debugging I come to know that task is created successfully , but task is blocked from the following line...



If I have not specified the Task Attribute then how task is block? There is nothing like Task Attribute parameter in OSA_TaskCreate()..


What is floating register parameter in OSA_TaskCreate()?  


Also I am using RTCS and MFS in my project.So is there any documents available to include MFS and RTCS in PE?


Also while studying @ PE, I come to know that PE provides graphical user interface. What is the graphical user interface?


Utsavi Bharuchwala