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MK60DN512VLQ10 MQX Debug Console Question

Question asked by Henry Nguyen on Jan 11, 2017


I am following this link: How To: Create an MQX RTOS for KSDK project with Processor Expert in Kinetis Design Studio IDE to create the uart application where i can write message to the hyper terminal.


I can generate the project but somehow, the Send function does not have any content.  Please see attachment.

The reason is that none of the define statement is set by the PE.

i have tried to invoke fsl_uart_hal or add stuffs, but could not get it to generate codes.  i am missing something here from PE point of view.  


i also attach my eval project if someone can please let me know what hook i missed.


I am using KDS 3.0 with KSDS 1.3.


also, i can compile, download, and run in debugger mode using J-link.

I can see the firmware get the correct character, but when passing to the Send function, it went out of nowhere and return later on.


static int debug_putc(int ch, void* stream)
const unsigned char c = (unsigned char) ch;
/* Do nothing if the debug uart is not initialized.*/
if (s_debugConsole.type == kDebugConsoleNone)
return -1;
s_debugConsole.ops.tx_union.Send(s_debugConsole.base, &c, 1);

return 0;





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