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why the LPC2378 sleep mode can not enter second

Question asked by lgh lgh on Dec 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2017 by CarlosCasillas

int main()
PINSEL10 = 0;                                                   //LED init
FIO2MASK = 0x00000000;
FIO2SET = 0x000000FF;

INTWAKE = 0x40;                                              //CAN awake the sleep mode
CAN_Init( 0x001C0002, 0x001C0002 );            //CAN init
CAN_SetACCF( 0x02 );                                    //CAN init

FIO2CLR = 0x000000FF;                                //LED open
delay (1);
PCON = 0x81;                                 //enter sleep mode,the first circulate is 0x81,but the second circulate is not 0x81,is 0x00
if((!(PLLSTAT & (1 << 25))))                    // CLOCK init after awake sleep

FIO2SET = 0x000000FF;                         //LED close
delay (1);





when I send date by the CAN,the LPC2378 can awake but in the while{ } ,it not to sleep again,why?

PCON = 0x81; the first circulate ,it can enter the sleep mode,but when I awake it,the second circulate ,the PCON is 0x00,not is 0x81,why?