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How to debug qoriq t1024 kernel with CodeWarrior

Question asked by Levent Karakaya on Jan 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2017 by Adrian Stoica


I installed SDK for my Qoriq T024RDB board and build the images. I will modify this build for my board. At first, I tried to prepare my development environment and IDE.

I could not find a guide for Eclipse ADT plugin installation which is about my CPU. But, I used for others and some videos from yocto web page. Unfortunately, I could not manage to link my Eclipse Luna with SDK successfully.

Then, I try to install and link SDK with CodeWarrior. But the same problem occured. The procedures does not fit with my installation files. For example, according to the procedure in CodeWarrior help, it is supposed to create a vmlinux.elf at the end of the "bitbake virtual/kernel", but, there was not.

Could you please share a document/guide on how to integrate Eclipse or CodeWarrior with my Qoriq T1024RDB SDK.


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