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KEA128 CAN Bootloader

Question asked by irmantasbudrys on Jan 2, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2017 by Mark Butcher

Hello All,


I have downloaded code from this link:  KEA128 CAN Bootloader.   I am using 2 x FRDM DEV BRD KEAZ, KDS and Tera Term. Later I would like to port code from KDS to S32. Problem is that code originally was written for different micro and different boards. Below Com12 picture shows that Bootloader_KEA_128 board sends. It looks that bootloader is working on Bootloader_KEA_128 board. Picture Com7 shows UART_CAN terminal where I am trying unsuccessfully to send LED_D3_demo.bin file. I think it is not working and I don't know that is wrong with it.


a) Could anyone help me?  (For UART to PC communication I am using  FRDM DEV BRD OpenSDA) .


b) Does anyone knows where to get  UART bootloader for KEA 128 code? Or maybe other micro code which could be easily ported to KEA128? 


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