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Failing to load firmware into USB-KW24D512(Error while identifying Cortex-M device)

Question asked by Anil Raj on Dec 12, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2016 by Juan Carlos Pacheco

While Loading Firmware into USB-KW24D512 it halted in middle and not progressed further. so, unplugged the device and connected again and tried loading the firmware again, from then I am seeing the error "Error while identifying Cortex-M device. Wrong AHB-ID. Expected 0x04770001, found 0x00000000".  The device is not even getting enumerated as Virtual Com Port in the device manager. I found this article in one the discussions in this community, and tried the procedure for installing BootLoader but, failed to complete this process as well. I am getting "RAMcode did not respond in time

Unspecified error -1"



My work progress is blocked with the dongle's failure. so, please respond on this issue as quick as possible