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IMX6 Android HDMI out default screen orientation portrait

Question asked by Tim Harvey on Nov 15, 2016
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I have a customer using an IMX6 based board and single HDMI out display mounted in portrait mode and asking how to force Android to output that way (ie rotated 90deg or 270deg). I've noticed that boards with accelerometers have screen orientations affected by the orientation sensor but it would appear that HDMI output is always locked to portrait mode.


I realize there are several apps out there that will force your screen rotation one way or another but the user is looking for a way to do it that would affect the boot animation and entire OS without needing a third party app.



I've seen several posts pointing to the 'special demo modes' added to Android to make up for the fact that Android Jelly Bean (4.2) locked HDMI rotation yet I haven't been able to get those to work right (or don't understand how to use them):

 - Diff ae6119f 

 - Diff 27f1d67


Alas the following did not affect the orientation of the display on Android 5.1.1 when sitting at the launcher with only an HDMI 1080p display configured:

setprop persist.demo.hdmirotation portrait
setprop persist.demo.hdmirotates true

setprop persist.demo.hdmirotationlock false
setprop persist.demo.remoterotation portrait
setprop persist.demo.rotationlock false

setprop config.override_forced_orient true


Can anyone explain how to force HDMI out orientation to non-landscape for IMX6 for the Freescale BSP's for:

 - Android 5.1.1

 - Android 4.4.3


Perhaps it requires different kernel params for the display?