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Please help us for the best fit PMIC part number to iMX6 Ultra lite with DDR3.

Question asked by ramesh t on Nov 10, 2016
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We are using i.MX6 Ultra lite processor with DDR3 memory design. I am checking the recommended PMIC part number (PF3001, PF3000). In this both parts has A7 series is exactly matched for i.MX6 Ultra lite processor powerup sequence and DDR3L memory but not matched for DDR3 (1.5V).


And i tried PMIC part number (PF3001, PF3000) to use A4 series part for DDR3 (its 1.5V by default) once powered up.But here Processor power-up sequence not matched. 


Could you please help on this? I would like to appreciate and say thanks in advance for you valuable help.


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