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uboot shutdown

Question asked by wen zhu on Nov 2, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2016 by wen zhu

Dear All,

     I'm working on imx7d,android M6.0.1. now I meet one problem ,can anyone help me ?

     By default,the uboot source code about imx7d didnot support the shutdown,so I want to add this feature.

     On the mx6sl,it had shutdown funtion:

#define SNVS_LPCR 0x38
static void mx6_snvs_poweroff(void)
    u32 value;
    void __iomem *mx6_snvs_base = MX6_IO_ADDRESS(MX6Q_SNVS_BASE_ADDR);


    value = readl(mx6_snvs_base + SNVS_LPCR);
    /* set TOP and DP_EN bit */
    writel(value | 0x60, mx6_snvs_base + SNVS_LPCR);


     so,I want to write one shutdown funtion follow this method,but I didnot know the register address in imx7d,can anyone tell me how to get the register address in uboot ?


Thanks very much!



  1.the uboot version is 2015/04.