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Can I use a single LPC-Link2 and program the LPC4370 on it?

Question asked by Naren Mekala on Oct 18, 2016
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I have a LPC-Link2 which I want to use as an evaluation board to program the LPC4370 present on it. The ultimate goal is to use the 12 bit ADC on the MCU and demonstrate sampling rates close to the maximum of 80 Msps offered. I have gone through the support forums and I am confused on using this.

The link below tells me that I can use a single Link2 to program the MCU:

LPC-Link2 | 

But in every other discussion I have come across, it is said that I will need two boards-one as target and other as the debugger. For example, see the below links:

How to use only one Lpc Link2 as an ADC  

Using the LPC4370 on the LPC-Link2 card 

Even Using an LPC-Link2 as an LPC4370 evaluation board  , which has been referenced in many forum discussions, is not very clear on using single LPC-Link2. It speaks about using two boards, but also has certain statements which makes me believe that I can use a single Link2.

I have tried running LED blink program using LPCXpresso v8.2.2 by connecting the Link2 to PC through the USB port(by clicking the RUN button). I did not get any error message but the program did not make the LED blink as coded. So perhaps the program did not run at all. Ofcourse trying to debug does not work, it gives the no JTAG device found error.



1. Can I use single LPC-Link2 to program LPC4370 on it? If yes, then how (do I run a program on it using LPCXpresso)?


Thanking You