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UART with DMA going to Standby mode

Question asked by Shijia Guo on Aug 29, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2016 by Shijia Guo

Hello all, 


I'm trying to use UART with DMA here, however I'm having some problems when I'm going to standby mode: it wouldn't go to standby. 


So what I found was that if I enable DMA in my init procedure:

LINFlexD_0.DMATXE.R = 0xFFFF; /* enable DMA */
LINFlexD_0.DMARXE.R = 0xFFFF; /* enable DMA */

(and after that I'm not even doing anything with the actual DMA module)

and disable them in my prepare to go to standby procedure:

LINFlexD_0.DMATXE.R = 0; /* disable DMA */
LINFlexD_0.DMARXE.R = 0; /* disable DMA */

I will NOT be able to go to standby. If I check the registers of TXE and RXE, after the disabling, they are both 0. 


However, if I don't enable it from the beginning, it WILL go to standby. 


Any idea if I'm disabling this in the wrong way?

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