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LPC4370 Spifi external flash boot compatibility.

Question asked by Mateusz Spychala on Jul 11, 2016
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I've found compatibility list of external spifi memories for LPC4370 here.

We're searching for smallest possible flash to boot chip, because we have very limited pcb area.






Is LPC4370 capable of booting from them using SPIFI? First one is very similar to SST25VF016 which is compatible with LPC4370.

Second one is faster, because it has 4-bit interface.


We also consider another product which demand a lot of flash memory.

We've found that memory.


Is it compatible with uc for booting?


In both cases we will be loading whole program to SRAM memory and execute it from there, so chip must be capable only of downloading it to memory end start executing program.


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